how Instagram followers increase

How Instagram Followers Increase

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Admit it, you’re following Instagrammers for the perfect photo-to-life ratio. This post explains how to get users to follow back on Instagram, and what it means for marketing. Follow these tips and see your follower count skyrocket.


As a company, we often have a lot on our plates so time is at a premium. Businesses need to publish content regularly while trying not to lose momentum of their social media followers or email database.


At the same time, we know that hashtags are an excellent way to connect with a large group of potential followers. The reality is that, for our purposes, only a fraction of those hashtags have real value, so it’s best to invest in the hashtags that will bring in the biggest results. We’re going to show you how you can find these popular ones and get them targeted as well as increase your Instagram following.


#Twitter Hashtags

The vast majority of Twitter users are using one hashtag or another every day. You can easily search hashtags and see which ones are being used the most, which is useful for both marketing and analytics. The hashtag #Twitter is currently has over 600 million tweets, but you’re not going to get organic reach from it nor will you be able to connect with half of its users. But, as we just mentioned, it is important to know when a Twitter hashtag reaches a certain number of tweets in order to take advantage of that particular tag.


Using data from Statista, we’ve compiled a list of the top Twitter hashtags that are currently in use. Whether you decide to use these hashtags or not is entirely dependent on your needs. For example, the #IRAQ tag is a political hashtag that would make no sense to use if you’re a fashion brand.

For those of you who are running campaigns on Twitter, here are the top 10 Terms to Hashtag in 2018.

Source: Adweek (

What makes this information so valuable is that it gives analysts a way to map the top hashtags of their industry and see what their peers are using as well. You can even graph these terms into your Social Analytics dashboard to track their growth over time.

Best ways to Instagram followers increase

Best ways to gain followers on Instagram is to promote your account. Use the right Instagram hashtags. 

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