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Five for Five: 5 Updates You Can Read in 5 Minutes

It’s No Longer About the Virtual Captain Obvious, It’s About Leverage. It is no longer about the “virtual captain obvious” aspects, but more than ever- IT should be about leveraging your technology, to increase the success of your business. Rather than viewing it as a necessity, it’s time to start thinking about how it can make your business even better and reach greater outcomes. How can you start shifting your perspective from the “virtual captain obvious” mindset to a “how can I leverage my technology” mindset? Don’t Focus on the number of tickets closed. Think about how you can utilize the technology you have for better business outcomes don’t get us wrong- when it comes to IT, issues being solved fast and efficiently, being protected, and becoming a hard target to cyber criminals is crucial to the success of your business. But it’s time to simultaneously think about how you can leverage your technology.

It Costs You More to Call Your IT Department than it Costs Them to Answer…

As a customer, it costs 10x more to call your managed IT provider than it costs them to take and handle your call and issue.


Technology issues interrupt your day. Problems cause a hiccup in your daily workflow. Interruptions caused by technology can be expensive to resolve. And ultimately- your time is money.

Think about it like this- you arrive at the office and unlock your computer to get your day started. Your computer is running extremely slow. By the time you get logged in and open the applications you need- you’ve lost 15 minutes just getting started due to a slow device. Then you go to complete daily tasks and you start seeing the rainbow wheel spinning- more time lost waiting. Finally, you are frustrated enough with the slowness of your device that you decide to call your IT department and create a ticket- more time lost having to spend time on the phone with your IT Department. No matter how quickly your IT provider solves the problem- it’s still more time lost while they do so. 

How could this be prevented? Your IT department can’t stop all technology issues. However, simply having a plan in place for upgrading devices within the recommended timeframe, would have helped prevent the frustration of a slow device caused by using an old device.

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