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The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization

Common worries when it comes to search engine optimization are that it is too difficult and too risky. Even if you can’t afford websites like WordPress, the possible returns for investing your time into optimizing a site for search engine ranking can be worth the effort. If you want other people to find your website through Google, then use tools like keyword research, content strategy, and social media marketing to rank highly in Google’s natural results. After all, others are fighting for traffic at the top of the search engines with thousands of dollars on advertising every month.

Keywords and their placement

When it comes to search engine optimization, your website’s keywords are vital, so it’s imperative that you know them in advance. However, choosing the right keywords will take a lot of time and analysis because multiple pages on your site can rank for a single keyword. A page title will be able to serve as a guide for SEO experts but not for normal users who want to locate the web pages based on their content rather than the keyword location. Search engine algorithms read title tags, image alt text and content at least 50 times before choosing which page to display in search engines. Search engine optimization is not simply about words but about what is written in them and how those words are used.

How to optimize your title tags

Bloggers and content curators have been optimizing their title tags for years. Since the goal is to make a blog post or website page rank better in search engines, bloggers will target one main keyword which they believe is most important among all of the others in that particular blog post. When people go searching for something on search engines such as Google, they don’t want to see results that include a variety of different words. It’s true that Google may display pages with multiple words but results are more likely to come from pages with one keyword dominating the page title than from those with multiple keywords vying for attention.

Selecting the right keyword

The vast majority of people will not spend hours scrutinizing your website to see if your pages contain a single keyword among other words. Placing words next to each other as in a phrase is more likely to get your pages ranked in search engines than spreading them apart. When it comes to optimizing a title tag, you should choose the key words and phrases which will be most important for the visitor who is examining search results. A type of search that is called an “explore” search means that people don’t know what they’re looking for specifically but just want to find something relevant that matches their interests.

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